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We provide high-quality personalised care and support, which is flexible to changing needs.

Our award-winning teams are committed to the latest and highest standards of training in the industry and our approach is based around person-centred care, which treats each person as an individual and ensures dignity and respect. We understand people are unique and have different needs, wishes and aspirations. Our teams are passionate about delivering personalised care which helps people maintain independence and is flexible to suit changing requirements.

We work closely with Alzheimer’s Society and a range of other local groups and organisations to remain up-to-date with the latest training and information on person-centred responses to dementia.

The well-being of our residents is the cornerstone of our approach, we work closely with health partners including GPs, district nurses and community mental health teams to sustain and promote individuals’ health and well-being.

We use an electronic care planning system which means our staff have key information about residents’ health and well-being at their fingertips and can easily update and record changes throughout the day, enabling us to adapt care delivery in a responsive way.

Community living

We have seen our approach significantly improve quality of life, and in some cases, it has reduced the use of frequently prescribed medication for our residents living with dementia.

We have embraced activities with children, plants and animals, as well as many other parts of local communities, recognising the impact this has. Bowbrook has its very own community hub, featuring a coffee bar, shop and hairdressing salon which are all open to the public when government guidelines allow. Visitors of the home will also be able to easily access the nearby children’s playground. This new care home has been designed to nurture a vibrant community of friends and neighbours.

The home has convenient access to the village of Fradley and we are also building connections with local schools and community groups to ensure a social environment is there for residents who would like to get involved.