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We offer a combination of group activities and one-to-one sessions that bring out the best in people.

Not only will we help our residents get the most out of the things they already love, but we will also help them discover all kinds of new activities and pastimes. Our on-site Activities Coordinator works with residents and loved ones to help build a social activity calendar that entertains every individual.

Whether group activities, or smaller one to one sessions for more niche interests, residents are able to get what they want from life and our on-site team are at hand to help them live it.

We actively engage in intergenerational working, whether this be providing a play area for our residents’ family members, or working with local colleges and schools to undertake community projects.

We encourage our residents to help us make decisions about the homes they live in. We have been known to introduce pet rabbits and other scheme pets should residents agree this would benefit them.